ICL related Computer Items

Nickel Delay Line Unit from an Elliott 405

Delay Line Store

EE Sign possibly from a Deuce Mk1 machine

Deuce Sign??

Boards from a LEO III machine

LEO III Boards

A Tape from a LEO III machine


Panel from a LEO machine

LEO Panel

A Tape from an ICL 1900 machine

ICL 1900 Tape

Power Supply Units from an Atlas machine

Power Supply

Logic Boards from an Atlas machine

Atlas Boards

Logic Diagrams for an Atlas machine

Logic Diagrams

Elliott Manuals for an 803B machine

Elliott Manuals

Elliott Service Manual for an 803B machine

Elliott Manual

Elliott Long Service Association Badge

Elliott Badge

Ferranti Early Sample Printed Wiring Boards

Ferranti Boards

EMI EMIAC Operational Amplifier ACOA7/1


EMI EMIDEC 1100 Logic Board


EMI EMIDEC 1100 Flowchart


EMI EMIDEC 1100 and EMIDEC 2400 Manuals

EMI Manuals

EMI EBM Description Paper

EMI Paper

EMI EMIDEC 2400 Technical Description


EMI Stroboscope and Manual

EMI Stroboscope

EMI Magnetic Tape Flight Case

EMI Tape Case

EMI Magnetic Tape Splicer Kits

EMI Tape Splicer

EMI RF Wavemeter 1.6 - 30MHz

EMI Wavemeter

EMI Output Meter

EMI Meter

EMI Equipment Logos

EMI Logos

EMI Original and New Badge Logos

EMI Badges

EMI Service Tool Kit

EMI Service Kit

POWERS-SAMAS Ashtrays/Penholders


English Electric Badges


English Electric Ashtrays


English Electric Pen and Card Holder

Pen Holder

English Electric Norlog Boards

Norlog Boards

English Electric Boards from a LEO III System

EE-Leo Boards

English Electric Relay Tool Kit

Relay Kit

English Electric Engineers Panel

System 4 Panel

Elliott Flow Computor

Flow Computor

Elliott Synchroverter Switch


Elliott Paper Tape Hammer Punch

Elliott Punch

Elliott Brothers Instruments Catalogue

Elliott Catalogue

BTM Hollerith Paperwork

BTM Papers

ICT, PDC and IBM Card Sample Books

ICT Sample Books

Assorted Punch Cards

Punch Cards

Punch Card Wreath

Punch Card Wreath

BTM Card Case

BTM Case

BTM Card Punch

BTM Punch

ICT Card Punch

ICT Punch

ICL Card Punch

ICL Punch

ICL Paper Tape Splicer

ICL Tape Splicer

ICL LanTester machine

ICL LanTester

ICL set of Journals

ICL Journals

ICT/ICL 36 Keyboard

ICT Keyboard

ICL DRS300 Scouts T-Shirt

DRS300 T-Shirt

ICL 1900 Code on Microfiche

ICL Microfiche

ICT 1907 Boarded Display Posters

ICT Posters

ICL 2966 Wall Plaque

ICL Plaque

ICL 2950 Advertising Brochure

ICL Brochure

ICL 2903 TShirt Sticker

ICL Sticker

ICL 2903 Presentation Model

ICL Model

ICL 2903 and 1903A Circuit Boards

ICL Boards

ICL 9542 Control Units

ICL 9542

ICL EDS200 Disk Pack


ICL Racing Stickers

ICL Racing

ICL NSC Project Communications Book

ICL NSC Project

ICL Series 39 SX Systems  Puzzle

ICL Puzzle

ICL Series 39 SX Systems  Paperweights

ICL Paperweights

ICL Series 39 SX Systems  Fountain Pen


ICL Trimetra Promotional Calculator

ICL Calculator

ICL Slide Rule Calculator

ICL Slide Rule

ICL Pens and Pencils

ICL Pens

ICL Boards from Unknown System

ICL Boards

ICL Flowchart with Case

ICL Flowchart

ICT Set of Six Coasters

ICT Coasters

ICL 'I Love ICL Computer' Sticker

ICL Sticker

ICL German Cartoon Beer Mats

ICL Mats

ICL Software Badges

ICL Badges

ICL Golf Dice Game

ICL Dice

ICL West Gorton Keyring

ICL Keyring

ICL Neck Ties

ICL Ties

ICL Mugs

ICL Mugs



ICL Quattro Booklets

ICL Booklets

Other Computer Items of interest

Logic Unit from an IBM 701 machine

Logic Unit

SLT Logic Units from IBM 360 / 370 machines

SLT Logic Units

Plug-in Units from an IBM 650 machine

Plug-in Units

CPU Board from a CTL Modular One machine

CPU Board

Name Plate from a RCA Spectra 70 machine

RCA Plate

Core Store Memory Units

Core Stores

Power Supply Unit Roband T221

Power Supply

Plessey Core Store Controller Board

Plessey Board

MAC-1 Mini Analog Computer from I-COR


DIGI-COMP 1 Digital Computer Kit from ESR

Digi-Comp 1

COMPUKIT 1 Digital Computer Kit from Limrose

Compukit 1

Plug-in OR Gate Unit

OR Gate Unit

One inch Data Tape

1 inch Tape

Paper Card machine

Card machine

Paper Tape machine

Tape machine

DEC Paper Tapes

DEC Tapes

Facit 4070 Paper Tape Punch

Facit 4070

Addmaster 601C-1 Paper Tape Comparator


Creed 85 Teleprinter Printing Reperforator


Creed S2885 Teleprinter Tape Winder


DEC RK05 Disk Drive Alignment Pack

DEC Pack

Ferranti Developmental  M.O.S.T.

Ferranti FET's

Ferranti F100-L 16 bit Integrated Circuit

Ferranti F100-L

Logic Diagrams for a Digico  micro 16V

Logic Diagrams

Electronic Diagrams for S.T.C. Limited

Electronic Diagrams

S.T.C. Limited AC Flip Flop Board

S.T.C. Board

Thick Film Boards on Ceramic Substrates

Thick Film Boards

Bell Labs Photograph of their 'New' Thermistor


Photographic Negative of the IBM 608


Press Photograph of EMIAC II at Olympia


Press Photograph of Professor Martin Ryle


Press Photograph of Computers in School


Photograph of Vickers Analogue Computer


Artist Impression of Short Brothers Computer


Prospectus and Photographs of Bletchley Park


Britannic Adding machine

Adding machine

Felt and Tarrant Adding machines

Adding machines

Contex Adding machine

Adding machine

Magic Brain Adding machine

Adding machine

Sanyo ICC-0161 Calculator


Singer Friden Calculator


J.T.A-8P Model K-80M Calculator


Advance Executive Calculator


Assorted Slide Rules

Slide Rules

Computer Dead Reckoning


Warner Plotter-Computer


Airtour CRP-1 Computer


PCA Paper Tape Winder

PCA Tape Winder

PCA Paper Tape Splicers

PCA Tape Splicers

Fidgeon Paper Tape Splicer

Fidgeon Tape Splicer

IBM Magnetic Tape Splicer

IBM Tape Splicer

Sperry Magnetic Drum Store

Drum Store

Shugart eight inch Hard Drive

Hard Drive

Wooden Nascom Keyboard

Nascom Keyboard

Underwood Typewriter


Ferranti Meter Boxes

Meter Boxes

English Electric Meter

EE Meter

Gambrell Brothers Resistance Boxes

Resistance Boxes

Teletype Model 43 Teleprinter Terminal

Model 43

The Portable Microprocessor Training Lab

ICS Trainer

ARCOM Control Systems Ltd Model ARC88


FutureData Microsystem AMDS-FD-8085-48K


Northern Telecom DisplayPhone Unit


Hewlett-Packard HP4954A LanTester Unit


PBS Executive MK IV Briefcase machine

PBS Executive

ORB Terminal by ABS Computers Ltd early 80's

ORB Terminal

Vintage Keyboards from the early 80's


Tandon AT from the middle of the 80's

Tandon AT

Odd items in the collection from the 80's

Odd Items

Reed Relay Board from Unknown System

Reed Relay Board

Glass Circuit Board from Unknown System

Glass Circuit Board

Elliott Test Set AA-1222-1

Test Set

Brian Brikon 723-4M/QT Floppy Drive Analyzer


Wilson MWX-1000 MFM Winchester Analyzer


Printing Blocks for the Institution of Electronics

Printing Blocks

Binary Teacher Unit

Binary Unit

Ferranti Computer Screen shaped Solar Unit

Ferranti Solar

Computer shaped Gas Cigarette Lighter

Computer Lighter

Just a bit of fun

Computer Card

Just a bit of fun

Tungsram Valve