The ICL Computer Museum


BTM Hollerith HEC-2M  Computer Paper  c1954

BTM Hollerith HEC-2M PAYROLL  Computer Paper  c1954

BTM Hollerith 550  Electronic Calculator Paper  c1954

BTM Hollerith  Punchcard Program (Early Game)  c1954

BTM Hollerith  Information Paper  c1952

BTM Hollerith  Electrical Paper  c1950

BTM Hollerith  Golden Jubilee Tabacus Papers (x2)  c1957

BTM Hollerith 555  Electronic Calculator Paper  c1958

BTM Hollerith HEC 1201 and 1202 (HEC4)  Electronic Computers Papers (x3)  c1957

ICT / BTM Hollerith HEC 1202 (HEC4)  Computer Programming Manual  c1960

A BTM Hollerith HEC4 Drum Store.

Historical information on the BTM Hollerith HEC-2M from Colin in Western Australia.

A BTM Hollerith HEC-2M machine.

A BTM Hollerith HEC-2M machine, scrapped at the ISI Calcutter.