Odd items from the 80's in the collection

Apple IIe

ITT 2020 (Apple Clone)

DEC Rainbow 100 with case

DECmate III and Atari 1040STe 

Base Units:  DMS Digital Microsystems Model 2040ME,  3x NMW Computers,  Future Computers FX20

Televideo 802

Sage IV (Front)

Sage IV (Back)

Sage IV (Box)

Cifer Terminal

3x Esprit Terminals

Osborne O1

Osborne O1a

Amstrad PPC640  (With built in hard drive)

Amstrad  PC1640 (With hardcard)

Acorn Promotional Board

Epic Computer

OSM  Zeus 4 Computer

OSM  Zeus 4B Computer

Rolls Royce 5.25inch Floppy Disks