English Electric Norlog Boards  c1971

The EE NORLOG range of logic blocks were in use from the mid 60's through to the early 70's.  Each NORLOG

block contained transistors, diodes and resistors and carried out basic computer logic functions such as AND and OR

gates and FLIP-FLOPS.

More information on the use of these blocks has come in from Brian Davies.

FYI I commissioned a (new) NORLOG-based safety interlock system for the Active Maintenance Unit at

Heysham 1 power station in 1984.  At the time I was working for GEC Energy Systems Limited of Whetstone, Leicester.

These NORLOG blocks were made for EE by WELWYN Electric of Bedlington, Northumberland for the control gear division.

( The original NORLOG was developed at EE Whetstone for the Wylfa Power Station on Anglesey.)



WELWYN Electric is now WELWYN Components Ltd, a TT Electronics Plc company. (Still at Bedlington.)

The company is still able to manufacture these blocks on order of a certain size.

Above is a photo of some of the empty cases prior to production. (Last run was in 2001.)

Many thanks to Graeme Murphy a Systems Engineer at WELWYN for the information on these blocks.

Further information on the English Electric Norlog Blocks