ICL NSC Project Communications Book  c1984

This book is entitled ‘Computer Communications’ and has a real history associated with ICL.

Both the book and the following information comes from the Base Firmware Design Manager of the ICL NSC PROJECT.
The ICL Series 39 ‘DMI’ and ‘Estriel’ (S3L) machines shared a common Node Support Computer,
the NSC. The NSC was hugely innovative because amongst its other functions it enabled remote diagnostic access to a customer's machine over the BT landline, and that itself could be initiated by the customer's system sending off a message to the support centre that it was experiencing a need to correct runtime errors and required engineering intervention. The facility meant that a relative handful of skilled former field service engineers operating from the support centre could dispatch lesser but broadly skilled engineers to replace designated parts. Alternatively the solution might be to download software upgrades that would resolve such problems.
The change in technology meant that the NSC team needed to broaden their scope to understand
a new field for them, that of communications. This book was purchased to enlighten them. The flyleaf bears the inscription "NSC PROJECT 24/2/84"