ICL Paperwork and Software

The ICL Software Library of some 1,500 disks

ICL Software

DRI Software for use on ICL machines

DRI Software

ICL DRS and PC Manuals

ICL Manuals

ICL OPD and Tonto Manuals

ICL/BT Manuals

ICL Manuals

ICL Manuals

ICL PF56 Manual

ICL Manual

ICL 1900 and Ferranti FP6000 Manuals

ICL Manuals

ICL 1900 Bus Scheduling Mk1 Manual

ICL Manual

ICL 1900 Code on Microfiche

ICL Microfiche

ICL 2903 Manuals

ICL Manuals

ICL 2900 Manuals

ICL Manuals

ICL Series 39 Manuals

ICL Manuals

ICL/EE KDP 10, KDF 6 and KDF 9 Manuals

ICL Manuals

ICL System 4 70 and RCA Spectra 70 Manuals

ICL Manuals

ICL sets of Journals

ICL Journals

ICL sets of Slides

ICL Slides

Other Paperwork of interest

BBC Bush House Technical Manual

BBC Manual

BESM Russian Computer Programming Book


Monroe High Speed Adding Calculator Papers

Monroe Papers

Burroughs Electric Duplex Calculator Manual

Burroughs Manual

Burroughs Series 9371 Disk File Unit Manual

Burroughs Manual

De La Rue Bull  Gamma 40 Paper

Bull Paper

Honeywell u-Comp DDP-516 Computer Manual

Honeywell Manual

Philips P350 Manual

Philips Manual

Computer Survey Magazine

Computer Survey

EMI Institutes TV and Radio Papers

EMI Papers

The Institute of Radio Engineers Papers

IRE Papers

Creed 75 Teleprinter Manual

Creed Manual

ALGOL Program Listing for MTLIFE Game

MTLIFE Listing

Bear Microcomputer Systems 77-68 Papers

Bear Papers

Anita Calculator Charts Manual

Anita Manual

BBC and Elliott Computer Booklets

BBC & Elliott Booklets

SC/MP Programming Manuals

SC/MP Manuals

Com-Share Programming Cards


IBM 1130 Users Book

IBM 1130 Book

IBM System 360 Manual

IBM Manual

IBM 557 Manuals

IBM Manuals

'C' Compiler Manuals

C Manuals

WestWind Trantor Manual

Trantor Manual

Basic 17 Manual

Basic Manual

Heaton Works Journals

Heaton Journals

Algebraic Geometry Book

Algebraic Book

The Computer Bulletin Magazines

Computer Bulletin

British Radio Engineers Magazines

Radio Engineers Mags

Electronic Engineering Magazines

Electronic Mags

Ultrasonic Delay Line Description Paper

Delay Line

DEC Manuals on Microfiche

DEC Manuals

HP Computer Paperwork

HP Papers

MPF-I Manuals

MPF-I Manuals

Intel 8080 CPU Manual

8080 Manual

Intel System 86-380 Manuals

Intel Manuals

Univac 418 Manuals

Univac Manuals

GE-225 Zoom Macro Assembler Manual

GE-225 Zoom

Siemens Model 100 Manual

Siemens Manual

EIMAC Moon Tracking Programs

Moon Trackers

TNMOC Museum Guide


Various Communications Papers

Comms Papers

ICL related Paperwork of interest

Papers from the First Computer Exhibition

Exhibition Papers

Logic Diagrams for an Atlas machine

Logic Diagrams

Atlas Instructions and Quick Cards

Atlas Cards

A.E.I. 1010  Paperwork

A.E.I. Papers

EMI EMIDEC 1100 and EMIDEC 2400 Manuals

EMI Manuals

EMI EBM Description Paper

EMI Paper

EMI EMIDEC 2400 Technical Description


EMI Test Equipment Manuals

EMI Manuals

John Boothroyd's Calculus Note Book

Note Book

English Electric LEO III Manuals

LEO III Manuals

English Electric LEO III Master Program

LEO III Papers

English Electric DEUCE Punched Cards

EE Cards

English Electric Papers

EE Papers

Elliott 402E Manual

Elliott Manual

Elliott 503 Manuals

Elliott Manuals

Elliott 803 Manuals

Elliott Manuals

Elliott 803B Manuals

Elliott Manuals

Elliott 803B Service Manual

Elliott Manual

Elliott 903, 905 and 920 Manuals

Elliott Manuals

Elliott 4100 Manual

Elliott Manual

Powers-Samas Paperwork and Magazines

Powers-Samas Papers

BTM Hollerith Paperwork and Magazines

BTM Papers

BTM Mechanical Hollerith Paperwork

BTM Papers

BTM Electrical Hollerith Paperwork

BTM Papers

ICT Hollerith Computer Study

ICT Study

ICT Manuals

ICT Manuals

Ferranti Argus Papers

Ferranti Papers

Ferranti Atlas Manual

Ferranti Manual

Ferranti Basic Manual

Ferranti Manual

Ferranti CMAP Manual

Ferranti Manual

Ferranti Digital Papers

Ferranti Papers

Ferranti Manchester Papers

Ferranti Papers

Ferranti Mercury Manual

Ferranti Manual

Ferranti NIMROD Manual

Ferranti Manual

Ferranti Orion Manual

Ferranti Manual

Ferranti Pegasus Manual

Ferranti Manual

Ferranti Perseus Manual

Ferranti Manual

Ferranti Sirius Manual

Ferranti Manual

Ferranti Titan Manual

Ferranti Manual

EDSAC Manual

EDSAC Manual



Calculating Machines by D. R. Hartree

Hartree Booklet

Electrical Computor from St. Albans School

Electrical Computor

Singer System Ten  Model 52 Printer Manual

Singer System Ten Manual

Electronic Diagrams for S.T.C. Limited

Electronic Diagrams

S.T.C. Limited  Stantec Zebra Manual

S.T.C. Manual

Logica Manuals

Logica Manuals

Rair Black Box Manuals

Rair Manuals

Other Paperwork of interest

Twin Marchant Manual

Marchant Manual

Oak Ridge Paper

Oracle Paper

DRI Zenith CP/M-85 Manuals

Zenith Manuals

CTL Modular One Manuals

CTL Manuals

Teletype Model 33 Manuals

Teletype Manuals

Digico Micro 16V Computer Manual

Digico Manual

Logic Diagrams for a Digico 16V machine

Logic Diagrams

Racal RA17 Manuals

Racal Manuals