Introduction to Programming & User Guide for the EDSAC  c1954 (Signed by Maurice with Notes from Eric)

Introduction to Programming for the EDSAC  c1955 (With Notes)

Introduction to Programming for the EDSAC  c1956

Science News volume 7 (with the EDSAC)  c1948

Nature  volume 164 (with the EDSAC)  c1949

Journal of the Royal Society of Arts (with the EDSAC)  c1951

Programs for an Electronic Digital Computer (with the EDSAC)  c1951

A Modern Electronic Calculator Machine, the EDSAC.  Feb 1952

Automatic Digital Computers (with the EDSAC)  c1956

Professor Martin Ryle (with reference to EDSAC)  c1961

Papers from the 50th Anniversary of EDSAC  c1999

Introduction to Numerical Analysis  c1966