Set of 3 Punch Cards for the English Electric DEUCE Computer  c1950's

These three cards were punched by a young lady at English Electric, Stafford during the mid-1950's.

Miss Janet Elizabeth Marsh joined English Electric during 1954 at the age of 16.

Janet worked as a Mathematical Assistant with the DEUCE at Stafford until 1961.

Janet was a wizard with Scheme B.  Scheme B was a matrix manipulation program.

This required the correct shuffling of vast stacks of the Hollerith cards on which the matrices were stored.

Also combined with the amazing ability to convert numbers very quickly and accurately into binary in her head.

The way that these 3 cards are punched "J.E.M. heart (loves) DEUCE" is a good example of how well thought of they were.

Janet had kept these three cards safely in a tin box giving fond memories of her time with the DEUCE machines.

History in the making and not to be forgotten.