LEO Magnetic Data Tapes at The ICL Computer Museum  c1957/1965

218x LEO Computers Ltd  LEO II/III  Tapes  (500kg  yes  1/2Tonne)

Being the most comprehensive collection of LEO Tapes in existence.

This collection of LEO Magnetic Data Tapes represents a possible full installation of a LEO III machine.

Plus a partial installation of another LEO machine, this making the collection a very unusual and unique part of LEO history.

Most of these LEO Computers Ltd tapes are known to have last been used with a LEO III machine.

The type of machine that 18 of these tapes were used with is not known at this time.

All of the tapes will probably date from the late 1950's or early 1960's (1957 to 1965).

Pages from the LEO III Maintenance Manual  c1963

It can be seen here that the above LEO II/III Tapes cost 30 each in 1963, that is 550 today.

Also shown are the figures for the LEO III and Equipment power and heat dissipation.

Further information on some of the LEO III Tape systems.