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Elliott 405 Nickel Delay Line from "Nellie"  c1957

This came from the machine at the Forest School in Winnersh (affectionately known as "Nellie" (National Elliott......).  The machine was an amalgam of at least two other machines.

The Delay Line left school some 54 years ago (two years prior to the machine being broken up during 1971).

This was one of 31 units fitted that made up the memory store.  It is Elliott Type CB 16-word unit, S/N: 947.

There are 5 valves in the unit, on the right is the tallest one, this is a Brimar 6CH6, the next is a Brimar 6060, then 3 valves of the type Mullard EF91 on the left.

The circuitry is the signal amplifier and the gates to control input and output of data on the line. The two sockets at the top of the unit to handle data I/O and the bottom one for the power.

The Delay Line on this unit had become a little scrambled and this is how it became saved in 1969, two years before the machine was finally scrapped in the summer of 1971 and all was lost.

As it was of no further use for the machine, a student asked if he could have it as a souvenir as he had worked with the machine. This unit and the information came from that student.

Below are some of the Plug-in Units used in the Elliott 405.

This article is from: "Computer Education" June 1969

A BBC film made at the school for the Tomorrow’s World series of programmes,

 first broadcast on 5th February 1969 can be seen here.

These were the Two Elliott 405 machines at NCR

The Elliott 405 was Britain's First Municipal Computer

A film from the Yorkshire Film Archive showing the installing of a National-Elliott 405

 at the firm Reckitt & Sons Ltd, Dansom Lane, Hull in 1959 can be seen here.