The ICL Computer Museum


ICL DRS Professional Work Station 386 (PWS) M80  c1988

One of the M80 Machines is running DRI Multiuser/Multitasking Concurrent DOS 386.

Another M80 has been setup and is running all of the supplied software which includes:

MS/ICL Multitasking MS-DOS 4.10, Windows 1.03, Videotex, SNA 3270,

VT220 TEP, Powerlink, BaseComms, X-25 Comms, OSLAN Comms,

Microlan 2, Full XBM, ICL 7561 TEP , FTF, Interlan DS-5210.

This ICL M80 now has the original ENGA (Network Graphics) card with EGA Monitor.

This ICL DRS PWS M80 is capable of connection and working with ICL Mainframes.

This is a fresh screen shot of the ICL DRS PWS M80 working now.

The ICL DRS PWS (1987) and the ICL DRS PWS 386 (1988).


The ICL DRS PWS M60 has a 80286 CPU (1987) and the M80 (1988) a 80386 CPU.

ICL's first release of the DRS PWS in 1987 came with ICL modified Multitasking MS-DOS 4.0.

 This was followed with Multitasking MS-DOS 4.10 in 1988, which had been especially written by MS for ICL.

This was just for the DRS PWS. The names of the two machines were then changed to DRS M60 and DRS M80.

Both the MS/ICL Multitasking MS-DOS 4.0 and MS/ICL Multitasking MS-DOS 4.10 are safe, alive and well here.

PWS support both 1.2meg and 1.44meg floppy drives, having created sets on 1.44meg disks to boot on 1.44meg drives.

These versions of MS-DOS will only boot on DRS M60 or DRS M80 machines due to BIOS and hardware requirements.

Having checked the Museum software archives I see that MS-DOS R. 3.21z is also here for DRS M60 or DRS M80 machines.