Why ICL Computers ?

I started collecting ICL machines some 38 years ago, as I was then and still am interested in the British Business Machines of our past computing industry. This I felt had not been given the credit and attention that it deserved, also that ICL was in fact the culmination of most past British Computer Companies rolled into one.
It all started in 1902 with The Tabulator Limited, later BTM (The British Tabulating Machine Company Ltd).

It could be noted that as the British involvement in this particular chapter of our past historic venture into the Computational age of Mechanical / Electrical / Electronic Mainframe type devices ended in 2002, with the loss of control to a none British Organisation. This chapter took exactly 100 years to form, run, falter and end. However this was only one chapter and many other chapters have been and still are being formed, with spectacular results in many forms of technology. This has only been made possible by our great British collective Nations approach to life.
Below is the Brown and Orange ICL LOGO from 1983.