The ICL Computer Museum


ICL DRS300 GWS  Graphic Concurrent Dos XM Machine

This machine was originally used at the ICL Office Systems building in Reading Berkshire during the 1980's.

The machine was the top of the range DRS300 with full bit mapped graphical capability.

The machine has a SM5 (Submodule 5) graphical card, a high resolution bit mapped, memory mapped ICL Model 307 monitor plus ICL Models 305 and ICL Model 303 terminals.

The software running includes ICL's version of DRI Concurrent DOS 5.1, ICL's version of the Windowing system that comes with this and ICL's version of DRI's Windowing software GEM.

In 1986 when this machine came out it would have been a superb office multi-user system with graphical capability.  The Museum feels that this may be the last surviving machine of it's type.

The machine not only has it's origin's at the ICL Office Systems Building but is also the same machine which was used to produce an article describing the system, this was done by R.J. Bunyan in 1986.

The article by R.J. Bunyan was published in the November 1986 edition of the ICL Technical Journal.

This is now re-produced below by kind permission of FUJITSU who hold all rights to ICL.

Some of the ICL DRS300 GWS  Graphic Disk Set for the Machine.

Review on the ICL DRS300 GWS Graphic Machine from Practical Computing July 1986.